Ship Drawing

Built : 1931 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Tonnage : 17,702 g, 10,720 n, 23,500 displ.
Passengers : 280 1st, 162 2nd, 446 3rd
1930 Sept 23 : Launched. PSNC's largest vessel thus far. First white hull and passenger ship name which did not commence with "O". Fore funnel dummy
1931 Mar 27 : 3 day maiden North Sea shake down cruise with guests.
1931 Apr 9 : Maiden Voyage Liverpool-La Rochelle-Vigo-Bermuda-Bahamas-Havana-Jamaica-Panama Canal -Guayaquil-Callao (19 days) -Antofagasta-Valparaiso- (25.5 days)
1932 Jan 19 : Recommenced the "Round South America" service, which she undertook once annually.
1936 : made a record passage to Valparaiso in 25 days
1939 Aug 3 : Arrived at Liverpool and sent to Clyde to await orders
Sep 3 : War was declared. Sep 7 : Left the Clyde in a convoy of 17 ships for the Far East
Dec : Made one voyage to Halifax then converted at Liverpool into a troopship
1940 Apr 11 : Left the Clyde with 4 other troopers for Hastad, Norway. Proceeded to Bygden Fjord. Steamed at full speed in circles for 2 hours whilst the Fjord was depth charged by her escorts. Bombed unsuccessfully during disembarkation.
May : returned to Norway to evacuate troops. May 16 : West Africa
July 24 : Left for Suez via Cape Town, with RAF personnel; their Spitfires being aboard the accompanying aircraft carrier "Argus"
Nov 14 : Repeated the Suez Voyage
1941: Carried the 4th Indian Division from Suez to Port Sudan for Ethiopia.
March : Bombed at Avonmouth, ineffectually for 3 successive nights; moved to the Clyde and again bombed but missed.
March 22 : Loaded with troops struck a submerged object in the Bristol Channel and lost a propeller. Repairs at Liverpool
April 15 : Air attacks at Liverpool missed although a delayed action bomb went off, in the water alongside, at breakfast time next day. Left on time with troops for Cape Town.
After a second South African voyage undertook North Atlantic crossings out of Halifax.
Dec 5 : Liverpool-Cape Town-Bombay-Colombo-Liverpool
1942 April 12 : Repeated her Bombay voyage
Aug 6 : made one trip to North America to fetch U.S. and Canadiam troops. At Liverpool drydocked and painted. Lifeboats replaced by landing craft
Sept 13 : To the Clyde. There, with other troopers, commenced practice landing operations.
Oct 17 : A full rehearsal for the North Africa landings was carried out at Loch Linne.
Oct 21 : Embarked troops for the 'Z' landing at Oran. She was flagship to Senior Naval Officer Landing. The Algiers force had to be 24 hours ahead of the Oran force so that at one stage "Reina Del Pacifico" had to steam back on her tracks for 8 hours in order to pass through the Straits of Gibralter in darkness.
Nov 7/8 : At 15.30 met up with the equipment ships (on time to the minute). At 20.00 rendez-voused with the marker submarine and by 23.30 was in position. 102 ships were assembled. (It is worth mentioning a five ship French convoy then came out of Oran but did not give the game away). Her landing craft, having joined others in the assembly area, went ashore being 4 minutes early because of shallows through the troops waded. Later she berthed in Oran harbour.
Nov 24 : Back in the Clyde she picked up reinforcements for Algiers.
1943 Jan 5 : Took reinforcements to Oran
May 5 : Arrived at Suez to commence practices for for the Sicily invasion.
June 29 : Embarked the 51st Highland Division.
July 10 : Landed them at Avola Beach, Sicily. She returned to Malta and then proceeded to Oran to evacuate 500 German prisoners-of-war.
Twice attacked by the Luftwaffe
July 23 : Arrived back in the Clyde
Aug : Carried King Peter of Jugoslavia and his entourage Liverpool-Suez. It was her only voyage free from air attack. Thence to Taranto and Port Augustus with troops. At Sicily she embarked the U.S. First Division H.Q. Staff for Britain for their preparations for the Normandy invasion.
Nov 15 : Liverpool-Bombay with troops. The convoy of 20 ships was attacked (Nov 26) by 60 planes. "Delius", Lamport & Holt was the only loss. On Nov 29th. 24 JU 88's attacked scoring several hits but no ships were lost.
1944 Jan : Made a trooping voyage to East Africa then spent the next ten months as a Mediterranean troop ferry.
Dec : Liverpool-Iceland-New York. This tireless ship then went on Pacific trooping duties until the endof hostilities.
1946 Used as a Repatriation ship. She sailed in all 35,000 miles and carried safely 150,000 me and women of over twenty nationalities.
1947 Jan : Returned to her builders for an verhaul and refit. New furniture was needed because her stored fitments had been destroyed by bombing.
Sept 10 : Trials commenced.
Sept 11 : An engine room explosion killed 28. The piston in port outer No.2 engine overheated and the engine blew up.
1948 Reverted to Liverpool-Valparaiso service, a year late.
1967 July 8 : Went aground on Devil's flat, Bemuda. Came of 2 days later with no damage.
1958 : Last voyage. Withdrawn from service; broken up by British Iron and Steel Corp. (John Cashmore) at Newport, Mon.

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