Friday 16th & Saturday 17th March 2001

Again, this very casual event for ex-PSNC sea-going officers ie. Captains, Deck, Engine, Electrical and Radio Officers, Pursers and Chief and Second Stewards was a tremendous success.   It was held in the function room at the Packet Steamer Travel Inn, Netherton, Liverpool.

The decision to have two evenings was in order to make it easier for people to manage one or other of the evenings or both if you come from a distance like the Scottish contingent!

The Friday evening was a get-together over a few (or more) pints but on Saturday night we had arranged a short slide show and a few short sea-going home movies but nothing too embarrassing for those present!

Quite a few chose to stay at the Travel Inn on both nights, especially those who had travelled a distance, so I have reserved rooms again for the 2002 reunion which will probably follow exactly the same format.   " . . .why change a winning formula?" is what everyone I have spoken to has said. Maybe a group might wish to spend part of Saturday at the Liverpool Maritime Museum, as we have done in previous years?

Room cost was £40.95 per night in 2001 and will be £41.95 in 2002 for a double room (double or twin).   The management has agreed to hold 10 rooms until the end of February 2002 so get your booking in now!

Although there was NO discount on Room rates, there was a 10% discount for breakfast and 20% for other meals taken in the Restaurant.  


To Saturday 10th March 2001, I had heard from 23 people who intended being at the reunion on one or both evenings.   Four or five of us had our spouses with us so we encouraged others to come too.

Those who said they would be there included (in order of advising me):-
TJD "Barry" Erskine,   Don Wheeler,   Neville Humphreys,   Alan Bowyer,   Des Jones,   John Flaherty,  
Gill Thackery,   Keith Nuttall,   Arthur "Charlie" Downing,   Brendan Bailey,   Trevor Bean,   Bill Waring,  
J. Alan Gibson,   Brian Stone,   "Gentleman" John Wright,   Ian Holdship,   Lloyd Hughes,   Russell Judge,  
Mike Quirk,   Les Moore,   Ken Crowther,   June Quint,   John McGarry

Those who were unable to attend were:-

UNSURE if able to attend:-

If I had missed you out from the list I am sorry.   It was my intention to include a list of everyone there but it seems to have gone walk-about and I haven't found it among my papers since returning home.

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