2006 Reunion Report

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March 2006

Last updated 13th April 2006


The Packet Steamer, Netherton, Liverpool was the venue again for this EIGHTH Reunion.

It was a casual event for ex-PSNC sea-going officers ie. Captains, Deck, Engine, Electrical and Radio Officers, Pursers and Chief and Second Stewards.

As usual, no formal meal was arranged but groups got together to enjoy excellent (discounted) Restaurant and Bar meals, often served by "our own" Anne Copeland.

We had the usual two evenings to make it easier for people to manage to attend one or other of the evenings, or both for those from a distance like the Scottish and Irish contingents or our overseas friends from Australia and New Zealand!

Friday evening was a get-together over a few pints and on Saturday night we enjoyed a short slide show which provided much merriment . . . but nothing too embarrassing for those present!

Part of Saturday was spent at the Liverpool Maritime Museum and a liquid/sandwich lunch at the Pump Room.   The ladies were welcome to come too but most seemed to enjoy retail therapy instead.


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We were delighted to welcome a couple of special guests who made brief appearances on Saturday.
Harry and Daughters


(Above)   Harry Houghton, who was Vienna Baker on the Reina del Pacifico, who "just happened" to be celebrating his 80th Birthday in the Packet Steamer!   He was accompanied by his daughters Beryl, Barbara and Denise.


Jim Ellis and Dad, Jack

The other special guest was Jack Ellis, the father of Jim Ellis (left).
Jack, who is 88 years of age, served his time starting in 1933 in La Paz, Orduna, Lautaro and Oropesa among others. He sailed as Third Mate for 2 years after his apprenticeship.


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Fri = Friday evening only,   (Sat) = Saturday only   and (2) = Friday and Saturday

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Salaverry Deck team


Hugh Farrell, Louis Hayler (who had travelled from Australia!), Barry Erskine and Capt David Houghton.

First time all four together since 1967!


Engineering Group

Don Wheeler, John Wright, Lesley Wheeler, Ron Berry and a perplexed Keith Nuttall!


Mixed Group

Colin Whitehead, Arthur Stringfellow, Ron Berry, Alison Stennet (Slater), Les Moore, Liz Chittenden (Rybert), Lesley W's back and Louis Hayler gallantly fighting Australian jet lag!


Mature Musketeers

Three mature musketeers . . . Dave Newton, Gill Thackery and John Flaherty


and last . . but definitely not least . . . our furthest travelled friends . .

Roy and Hilary Lloyd

Roy and Hilary Lloyd all the way from New Zealand! Great to see you!


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