2007 Reunion Report

Friday 16th & Saturday 17th March 2007

The 9th Reunion was held at the usual venue - the Packet Steamer, Netherton, Liverpool.

In addition to the "old faithfuls" it was great to welcome many former colleagues who came for the very first time.

Unfortunately, owing to the dates - St Patrick's Day and also Mothers' Day - the Restaurant was booked up for early evening which was an inconvenience.   This was the first time we had experienced problems and hopefully it will be the last.   In future, should there be a similar clash I will advise you on the web to book tables well in advance!

Friday afternoon and evening was purely a get-together over a few pints but on Saturday night Bernie Guymer gave a highly entertaining and amusing slide show.
Many of us who were at sea in the '50's and 60's couldn't believe the length of the officers' hair (or the perceived sartorial elegance) of many of the young Officers of the 70's and 80's :-)

It was a pleasure to meet Don and Maureen Bull with Zara at the Maritime Museum.   However, we were sorry we missed each other at the Pump House and unfortunately, although he tried they did not get to the venue on Saturday night.   However, they hope to be there next year!

* indicates "First Timers"

Please let me know if I have missed out anyone.
(Fri) = Friday evening only,   (Sat) = Saturday only   for those who were there one evening only
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Had hoped to attend but unable to:-

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Sadly two of our former colleagues have passed on since the last reunion:-



Bernie Guymer,      Mike Lee,     Joanna Thomas,     Phil and Helen Smith



Standing : Terrence Park     John Flaherty
Seated : Andy Parker     Peter Ratcliffe?


John and Pat Rogers

Pat and John Rogers


Liz and dave Newton

Dave Newton and daughter Liz


Barry and Scotty
Barry Erskine and Carlisle "Scotty" Scott


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