PSNC Officers Reunion 2010

2010 Reunion Report

The 12th Reunion took place on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th March

Page last updated 2nd April 2010

For this TWELFTH Reunion once again we returned to the Packet Steamer, Netherton, Liverpool.
It was the customary casual event for ex-PSNC sea-going officers ie. Captains, Deck, Engine, Electrical and Radio Officers, Pursers, Chief and Second Stewards with spouses and partners. Again there were a number of people who were attending a reunion for the first time and it was great to see old friendships renewed and new ones forged!
Friday evening was the regular get-together over a few pints but on Saturday night we enjoyed Richard Robinson's renditions of his own compositions.  : This not only entertained but also extended his performance to help "fill in" whilst we waited for those who were unfortunately delayed owing to the extremely busy restaurant and also whilst we overcame some gremlins in the computer/projector link!

Fortunately, Carlisle Scott is not a man to give up without a real struggle and eventually managed to get the technology operational and gave an excellent presentation of a trip to Antarctica!

Richard Robinson has said he would prefer not to sing next year to allow him more time to chat and relax and it would allow us to show more of your photos and or videos. He kindly passed out CDs of his songs at the Reunion but has volunteered to send Free of Charge a copy to anyone who may have wished one but missed out.   Just email   Richard R. Robinson

Unfortunately, very few of those attending had brought any photos to display so may we encourage you to start looking them out now and burn them onto CD or DVD ready for next year please?   It would be great to have fresh material as everyone seems to really enjoy seeing them and the banter that accompanies this aspect of the Reunion.   However, if YOU don't bring them WE cannot show them!

and nostalgic Attended:-
(2) means both evenings

If I have missed anyone off the list please accept my apologies and do send me an email


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