PSNC Officers Reunion 2016

The 18th Reunion took place on

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th March 2016



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    The regular venue - the Beefeater Packet Steamer, Northern Perimeter Road, Netherton, Liverpool L30 7PT   (TEL 0151 531 1497)  - was again the venue for the Eighteeenth Annual Reunion.
    (However, it would have been the 19th if we had counted the Inaugural meeting when four of us went on a trip up the Manchester Ship Canal in August 1997.)

    All former uniformed sea-going Officers of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company (and latterly Furness Withy) were welcome to attend; there was no charge as both evenings were informal.

    It has been customary to have a "slide show" of nostalgic photos of personnel and ships etc from the old days on the Saturday evening.
    Mike Lee, Jim Ellis and Martin Greenwood carried on the tradition and entertained us with a selection of images of people, places and ships that created a lot of laughter and brought back many memories!



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    Above                 Cliff Davies & his sons   Kevin and Karl,    Peter Ratcliffe.    Andy Park,    Bernie Guymer,    Adrian van Toren,     Ann Guymer


    Above                      Chris Guymer           Anne Erskine           Corinne Greenwood          Kath Quirk


    Above      Martin Greenwood         Hugh Farrell         Corinne Greenwood


    Above      Phil Gregson          Mike Lee


    Above      Merv Richardson          John Wile


    Above             John Flaherty                 Bill Hilton                  John Jenkins

             Group5                        Group6

    Above                    Cliff Davies          Ian Tickell                                                    Bernie and Ann Guymer

    Group8                              Group9

    Above: Barry Erskine and George Tomlinson                              Dave Newton deep in thought                 


    Above Standing: Mike Quirk      Barry Erskine     

    Seated: Arthur Stringfellow      Peter Boyle      Les Moore     Ian Tickell     Dave Bridson


    Adrian van Toren had a display of PSNC memorabilia from the "Old days!"

      If you took photos at the 2016 Reunion please send them to me and I will publish as many as I can.   Thanks.

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