Greetings Barry
I came across the attached photograph which was taken onboard the "SALINAS" about '49/50`s.   It was taken in a port in Cuba where we took on a full load of sugar for Liverpool.   Captain Litherland & Chief Officer Archie Powell; cannot remember the others but it may come to me later.
The Cadets shown as we prepared to go ashore for a swim - it must have been Saturday afternoon.
Salinas Cadets

I would love to know what happened to all of them eventually!

P.S. I don't know if I ever told you that Robert (Bob) Jones who was an Engineer Superintendent in PSNC, was infact my Uncle. He was an Assistant at the time of the RDP explosion and should have gone on her trials but one of the "L Class" put into Falmouth with Engine trouble and as he knew more about her he was sent south and his colleague went to Belfast.

Regards for now keep up the good work.
Regards - Des Jones

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