Tug "Poderoso"

¡ ¡ News Flash !!     7th August 2010

Poderoso badly damaged by the recent tsunami in Talcahuano!   Link to newspaper report with photo


I received several emails and the photographs below from Kevin Hyland some time ago. I am sure his report will bring back memories for many old hands!

"In early February 2008, I spent two days with my son Derek in CONCEPCION, a city 400 miles south of Santiago.   This is next to the port of TALCAHUANO.   There we paid a visit to the naval shipyard of ASMAR and visited the tug PODEROSO which you might remember from Valparaiso.   At one time she was owned by the P.S.N.C. (originally built in Liverpool in 1911) but later was sold to the stevedoring firm of Kenricks in Valparaiso.

At the end of her useful working life she was laid up in Valparaiso and virtually abandoned.   Eventually she was towed to Talcahuano as the Navy considered she might prove a hazard in the winter storms, which at times can be quite severe.

Poderoso is laid up in a little used, desolate corner of the port used mainly by fishing vessels, so the smell is rather strong, to put it mildly.

A local "Poderoso Preservation Society" exists with some 20 members but no money.   The society's web site is : www.corpoderoso.cl

Although she is declared a National Heritage Unit, unfortunately no money is ever allocated to her upkeep.   I am sure you must be aware this is a typical situation; it happens in so many places.

This is NOT a begging letter or an appeal, but information to put you in the picture.   Attached are some of the photographs we took.

They are currently hoping to raise money to bring her ashore as her hull, especially below the waterline, has not received proper attention in many years.   In fact, they have patched her up in places, from the inside, using concrete!

Inside, they have opened a passage way from the aft officers' quarters into the engine and boiler rooms, from where, via the starboard coal bunker and water tanks, you can now reach the massive chain hold.

Please note all photos are Copyright of Derek Hyland and must not be used for commercial purposes without his express consent.

Port beamStern view

Above, the Poderoso as she stands today in a semi abandoned corner of the inner basin of Talcahuano port

Starboard QuarterStarboard Bow

The bridge housing has been removed, leaving an exposed wheel and compass.   Apparently this was the original configuration when built.

Crossing the Atlantic and Magellan Strait in those conditions must have been quite an ordeal.

CapstanSteam powered water pump
Steam powered water pump

Poderoso 1978

This last photograph is one Derek took as a teenager in the summer of 1978 (I think) when Poderoso was working in Quintero performing maintenance duties on the massive oil terminal buoy - one of her regular tasks.   You can see her with her bridge superstructure in place.   Unfortunately, the picture quality is very poor, as I have scanned the original 8 x 12 cm print.   I must have the negatives someplace, but have not found them yet."

Although Kevin said this was NOT an appeal for support, there may be individuals or organisations who may wish to be associated with the preservation project.

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