Ship Drawing

Orbita (II)
Built : 1972 : Cammell Laird & Co., Birkenhead
Tonnage : 8.396g, 4,302n
1972 : Built for PSNC which was now part of the Royal Mail Division of Furness Withy. Operated by PSNC out of Liverpool.
1980 : Sold to Cia. Sud Americana de Vapores, Valparaiso. Renamed "Andalien".
1980 : Sold to Wallem & Co., Hong Kong. Renamed "Morning Sun".
1980 : Returned to Sud Americana. Renamed "Rubens".
1990 : Still in service

Details as Orbita except built 1973
1973 March : Completed for the South American Services.
1980 : registered as owned by Royal Mail Line with PSNC as managers.
1982 : Became "Beacon Grange" of the Furness Withy Shipping.
1984 : Sold to Cenargo Ltd. the building contractor for the Falklands Islands airport.
Employed carrying materials from U.K. to Port Stanley. "Merchant Pioneer"
1990 : Still in service.

Ortega / Andes
Details as Orbita except built 1973
1973 July : Completed
1980 Apr : Renamed "Andes". Registered as owned by Royal mail Line but operated by PSNC out of Liverpool.
1982 Aug : Renamed "Oceanhaven"

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