Ship Drawing

Built : 1856 Randolph & Elder, Glasgow
Tonnage : 1060g, 841n
Dimensions : 234ft 1in (71.35m) x 29ft 1in (8.86m) x 14ft 5in (4.39m)
Engine : Paddle, compound diagonal, 2x2 cylinders, 320HP; 13 knots. Hull : Iron
Passengers : 300
Note : Left hand drawing is from a painting which hung in the P.S.N.C. Board Room; The right hand one is from a photograph taken at Puero Montt in 1870
1856 Delivered Liverpool - Valparaiso then placed on the Valparaiso - Chiloe servive with nine ports of call.   Classed, with "Callao", as Express Steamers
1871 Enroute Calbuco - Ancud wrecked on Lagarita Island, Chile
1976 The wreck, which had been known about locally, was identified and some relics were recovered

Details as "Valparaiso" except:-
Built : 1858 John Reid & Co, Glasgow
Tonnage : 700g,
Dimensions : 235ft (71.63m) x 29ft (8.84m)
1858 Delivered Liverpool - Valparaiso. For Valparaiso - Pacific ports - Panama service
1880 Converted to hulk. Based Valparaiso

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