Ship Drawing

Built : 1959 : Hall Russell and Co., Aberdeen.
Tonnage : 5,407g, 2,760n
1959 May : Entered service
1970 : Laid up in the River Fal. Up for sale
1971 : Became "Mimi-M", Seahunter Shipping Co., Famagusta
1974 : Sold to Valient Bay Shipping Co., Piraeus; renamed "Maria"
1984: Arrived at Gadani Beach, Pakistan for breaking up


Details as Eleuthera except
Built : 1959 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Tonnage : 5,684g, 2,995n
1959 : Entered service Bermuda-Caribbean ports-Panama
1970 : Laid up in the River Fal. Up for sale
1971 : Sold to Sealord Shipping Co., Famagusta. Renamed "Eldina"
1975 : Reamed "Commencement", Commencement Shipping Compania Naviera S.A. Famagusta
Later renamed "Caribbean"; same owner
1981? : Became "Melpol", Commencement Maritime Enterprises, Jersey
1981 Dec : Damaged by fire in the English Channel en-route Lisbon - Bremmen; one crewman lost.
See the photos and the informal report of the rescue specially written for these pages by the helicopter winchman Paul Newman - Rescue
1984 : Laid up and finally scrapped


Details as Eleuthera except
Tonnage : 5,224g, 2,760n
1959 : Entered service as "Cienfuegos"
1968 : Renamed "Chandeleur" by PSNC; chartered to Royal Mail
1970 : Out of service and up for sale. Laid up in River Fal.
1971 : Became "Emma-M", Seacomber Shipping Co., Famagusta
1974 : Renamed "Lela"; owned by Green Bay Shipping Co., Piraeus
1981 : Sold to the West Asia Shipping Co, Singapore; renamed"Jetpur Viceroy"
1982 Nov 2nd : Final voyage to Chittagong
1983 Jan 25th : Decommisioned for breaking up at Chittagong


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