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P.S.N.C. Ships (photographs)

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Cuzco - a one off; built 1951 & broken up in 1977
George Peacock - named after first Captain (poor quality from a magazine)
Kenuta - sister to Cotopaxi, Flamenco, Pizarro, Potosi
Lagarto - originally Glenavy - acquired by PSNC in 1924 and renamed
Oravia - sinking off the Falkland Islands November 1912
Orbita - Launched 1914. Broken up 1950
Orduna - Launched 1914. Broken up 1951 - thanks to Mike Berry in Australia for postcard
Potosi - sister to Cotopaxi, Flamenco, Kenuta, Pizarro
Reina del Pacifico - a beautiful liner built 1931 & broken up 1958
Reina del Mar - another beautiful liner built 1956 & broken up 1975
The two Reinas - in Callao, Peru
Samothrace - in 1947 renamed "Talca"
Santander - sister ship to Salamanca, Salinas and Salaverry
Salinas - sister ship to Salamanca, Santander and Salaverry
Somers Isle - sister ship to Cienfuegos and Eleuthera
Talca (III) - formerly Samothrace
Wm. Wheelwright - named after the founder of PSNC

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